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The Adventure Park of Ventspils is a complex of active recreation and sports, where wide variety of entertainment and sporting possibilities for individual visitors, as well as groups and families are available throughout a year. 
History of the Adventure Park of Ventspils began with an idea to create a skiing hill in coastal lowland of the Baltic Sea – West Latvia. To materialize this idea, in outskirts of Ventspils, at 141, Saules Street, a unique hill was created, which base is construction waste and useless soil material obtained in Ventspils since 2003. Already in 2005 a well-furnished skiing hill "Lemberga hūte" (Lembergs Panama) was waiting for the visitors to enjoy the winter pleasures. In summer, near the hill a rope track was made named "Kaķa taka" (Cat Trail). Height and length of the down-run is extended every year. Summer entertainments are also complemented and since 2007 a new service building with inventory rental facility and a cosy café is open for the guests.

In late 2012, the rental centre and cafe in the service building were expanded, an external terrace was built. In 2013, an offer of amusement rides was considerably supplemented, creating the new amusement area with soft surface and amusement rides - bumper cars, bumper boats, trampoline boats, driving school for children and synthetic ice skating rink. The centre of the amusement area is decorated by laminar flow fountains.

Today the Adventure Park is a popular leisure and sporting facility  among inhabitants and guests of Ventspils.


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2005. year

In late 2005, just before the Christmas, with the first snow, the citizens of Ventspils received a real gift – a ski hill. In 2002 it was an area of garages and waste materials left by the Soviet Army, which in 2003 started transforming into the hill. In 2005 the hill was modernized by forming its levels at the 18, 15 and 10 degree slope, with the hill height reaching 16 m. Ventspils citizens have been cherishing this dream for years and at least it became a reality for them and their guests. The Lemberga hūte ski hill was created thanks to the financial support of the Ventspils municipality and personal investment made by the city head Aivars Lembergs in the amount of 100 000 lats. Its opening ceremony took place on December 21, 2005. Made out of construction waste and useless road material collected in Ventspils since 2003, the Lemberga hūte ski hill turned into a great entertainment project, which was attended by over 18000 people in the season of 2005/2006.

2006. year

2006. year

The area around the Lemberga hūte hill was used for the creation of sports and recreation centre Adventure Park, which includes BMX track, football-frisbee playground and other recreation facilities. In June it was supplemented with an obstacle course Forest Cat for seekers of extreme sensations and active recreation fans. 
To honorably open the 2006/2007 ski season, Lemberga hūte underwent numerous improvements – the ski track was extended, reaching 180 m, and the top of the hill was expanded by 8 m, becoming of the heigh of 32 m. 


2007. year

2016. year

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2018. year

The Adventure Rark's amusement area is complemented by a new attraction - the trampoline complex.

2019. year


Nauris Tālbergs

Assistant manager

Juris Riekstins